5 Tips to Teach Your Kids to Love Books

Of all the many things you can do for your child, in my opinion the best thing you can do for them is to teach them to love reading. If you child loves reading they will be able learn…anything. So having a child fall in love in with reading will give them the confidence and independence needed to take on school assignments.

These 5 tips have been great for teaching our kids to love books.

Listen To Audiobooks In The Car

We started listening to audiobooks on road trips but during the summer we always have an audiobook going even when we are driving around town. This teaches your kids to love books and helps improve their imagination too. I’ve also found that when we are listening to an audio book the kids fight less, which in turn means I’m a safer driver because I don’t have to keep yelling back at my kids to stop poking each other. I can’t recommend audiobooks enough they are fantastic. 

Check out audible(dot)com. There’s a huge selection of books; you’ll even find books for you to listen to as well.

Pretend To Be The Characters From The Story

This is great for young children. Pretend play is crucial for their language development and such a great way to improve their reading comprehension. 

Discuss the books with your kids.

A great time to discuss the books you are reading is during lunch. Some great questions for book discussions are: What character in the book would make a good friend? Why do you think the author chose this title for the book? What was your favorite part of the book?

Pick Books That Interests Your Kids 

There are so many great books out there about just about any topic you can imagine. Kids will be much more excited to read if they are reading about something they enjoy. 

Turn Reading Into A Reward

Our reader gets to stay up 20 minutes later to read from the chapter book we are reading together. It is her favorite part of the day and mine too. 

What are some ways you get your child excited to read, we’d like to hear?

If your kid is struggling to read I highly recommend the book “Teach you child to read in 100 lesson” I used it to teach our daughter to read and she was reading with ease by the end of the book, it just fantastic at teaching kids to sound out the words. 

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