Sound Matching Game | Sensory Activity

Share this Post Today we’re playing a sound matching game. This is a fun game for sensory play and for teaching kids to identify matching sounds.  

S.T.E.M. Activity | Building A Truss Bridge

Share this Post Today we will be doing a stem activity! Before we start building our bridges we will have the kids discover which is stronger triangles or squares. That’s right the pyramid is stronger! A square tends to collapse by giving way at their joints, their weakest points. A truss bridge combines triangles and squares. Congratulations you just built …

Pipe Cleaner Fishing

Share this Post Today we will be playing pipe cleaner fishing! This is a fun game that is great for fine motor skills, sensory play, and pretend play. Now let’s go fishing!

Dinosaur Math Tracks

Share this Post Today we will be playing Dino Math Tracks! This game comes with a game board, 16 dinosaurs, 4 number cubes and, 1 green cube, and problem solving cards. This great game teaches place value. Dino Math tracks can be played at various levels depending on your child’s skill level For a younger child you can just use …