Cotton Ball Games pt2

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Cotton Ball Games (part 2)

This is part two of our fun cotton ball games series

We have 3 activities today

  1. Ice cream scoop race
  2. Cotton ball straw blow
  3. Cotton ball painting

For the race you will need

  1. ice cream scoopers
  2. cones
  3. bowls
  4. cotton balls

How to Play Ice Cream Scoop Race

  • First, set up several cones pause place a bowl at each end of the playing area—having one bowl filled with cotton balls.
  • Then, have the kids scoop up a cotton ball with their scooper and walk around the cones to the other bowl.

This race is great for improving gross motor and fine motor skills, also it is a lot of fun!

For Cotton Ball Straw Blow You Will Need

  1. Drinking Straws
  2. Blocks
  3. Cotton balls

How to Play Cotton Ball Straw Blow

  • Have the kids make a little goal or a doorway out of the building blocks.
  • Hand everyone a cotton ball and a straw.
  • Now try blowing your cotton ball through your goal using your straw.

This game fosters creativity, breath control, and persistance

For the cotton ball painting activity we will need

  1. Paper
  2. Clothes pins
  3. Paint (you’ll want to Make sure your paint is non toxic)
  4. Paper plates
  5. Cotton balls

Let’s get ready to paint

  • Let your kids pick out their favorite colors.
  • Then have your kids pick up the cotton ball with a clothespin. (This is great for teaching your kid fine motor skills)
  • Then have them dip the cotton ball in the paint and start painting.

Painting fosters creativitity, promotes self esteem, and teaches the colors.


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