Dinosaur Math Tracks

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Dinosaur Math Tracks

Today we will be playing Dino Math Tracks!

This game comes with a game board, 16 dinosaurs, 4 number cubes and, 1 green cube, and problem solving cards.

  1. First, everyone chooses a type of dinosaur.
  2. Then, you roll to see who goes first
  3. Next, you take turns rolling all 4 number cubes to and then arranging them into a 4 digit number.
  4. Then, move the dinosaurs forward according to the 4 digit number.

This great game teaches place value.

Dino Math tracks can be played at various levels depending on your child’s skill level

For a younger child you can just use 2 dice and let them working on the ones and tens track

For an older child you can use the cards and have your children solve the problems and move forward according to the answers on the cards.

This fun game teaches place value and problem solving. It is a great addition to any home or classroom.

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