Pipe Cleaner Fishing

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Pipe Cleaner Fishing

Today we will be playing pipe cleaner fishing!

This is a fun game that is great for fine motor skills, sensory play, and pretend play.

For this activity you will need:

  1. pipe cleaners
  2. an egg carton
  3. string
  4. wooden paint sticks

Making Your Game Pieces

  1. First make several fish out of pipe cleaners with your kids.
  2. Then make a hook out of another pipe cleaner.
  3. Take your egg carton and cut into small several smaller sections.
  4. Then stand your fish up in the egg carton.
  5. Give your kids each a fish hook and let them start fishing. This a great activity for teaching fine motor skills.
  6. Now let’s make a fishing pole for our fun game.
  7. Tie the hook onto your string and now tie the string onto your paint stick.

Now let’s go fishing!

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