Who is Smart Made Fun?

Smart Made Fun is a family-owned business that believes every child on earth is curious of the world around them. As parents, guardians, and teachers, we must provide them with the opportunity to learn and experience a childhood. Smart Made Fun is designed to provide you with the tools and resources to help facilitate this learning.

This serves multiple purposes:

  1. Your child learns and has fun doing so
  2. You spend quality time with your child and build a healthy relationship
  3. Your child experiences a childhood that only you can create

We don’t claim to have the answers, tools, and resources for everything. However, we want to provide you with what we do know and hope we can all help each other out at the same time.

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Family Dynamic

We, Ben & Jenny, have two children and fostered three children. Jenny is a stay-at-home mom with a teaching degree. Ben works his working hours and is always working on expanding his skill sets after hours. Our little girl is six years old and already reading at an-almost-third grade reading level and will be starting second grade math in first grade. Our son is four years old and has 9p deletion syndrome. Basically, he’ll grow up with learning disabilities, but so far he’s been catching up fairly quickly.

We understand that children are goal oriented, extremely resilient, and curious about everything. We talk to them as grown ups and explain things as basic as we can. We allow them to make mistakes in their learning because that’s how retention happens. We learn together, play together, and enjoy our time together.

Our little ones are growing fast and there is so much we need to teach them while they’re still young.