DIY Sensory Tunnel

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DIY Sensory Tunnel


A sensory tunnel is a fantastic toy because it’s great for gross motor exercise and it’s great for sensory play. Sensory refers to our ability to take on new sensations in our environment.

So it is important to provide you kids with a lot of sensory rich activities especially if you have a child that has a sensory processing disorder, autism, or ADHD.

Or even if you have a child that is particularly sensitive, our son used to scream and cry when we set him in the grass or on sand. This tunnel was fantastic for helping him overcome his sensitivity.

How to Make Your Own Sensory Tunnel

You can make your own sensory tunnel really easily. All you need to do is buy 3 yards of lycra tube fabric, they carry it at Joanne’s.

If you use a coupon you can get it for around $12. No sewing necessary it is sold as a tube. Just make sure that it’s a seamless tube

5 Great Ways to Play With Your Tunnel

  1. The first way play is to have the kids climb through the tunnel. If you have a younger child they may be intimidated by the tunnel because they can’t see the end. This could used as an opportunity of encouragement and trust building.
  2. The second way is to have a child climb into the middle of the tunnel. Then have the parents each pick up an end and gently swing the tunnel—the kids love this one!
  3. The third way to play it to make waves. Have each child grab onto one end of the tunnel and move the tunnel up and down quickly
  4. The fourth way to play is the burrito. Have your child lay down on the tunnel then roll them up in the fabric. Once they’re all rolled up, pull on the loose end of fabric. Make sure you have a lot of room for them to unroll.
  5. The fifth way to play is to have your kids sit on the tunnel and pull them around the room.

This an easy toy to pack for travel, it doesn’t take up much room in your suitcase and can help get the sillies out after a day of being stuck in the car.

Don’t worry about your tunnel getting dirty. If ever it needs to be cleaned, just throw it in the washing machine.

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