Sound Matching Game | Sensory Activity

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Today we’re playing a sound matching game.

You Will Need

  1. 12 plastic eggs
  2. 6 sets of matching items (i.e. rice, bouncy balls, popcorn kernels, dried pasta, and glass rocks)


  1. We’ll be grouping them into 6 pairs.
  2. We’ll fill each pair with matching items that will make different sounds when shaken. Some examples of things you could put inside the eggs are : rice, bouncy balls, popcorn kernels, dried pasta, and glass rocks. (You may want to tape your eggs closed.)

How To Play

  1. Put all 12 eggs on the table in front of your kids. (Let them play with the eggs before the game starts.)
  2. Then take *your* set of eggs away and leave the kids their set.
  3. Now shake one of your eggs and ask your kids to find the matching sound. If they find the matching sound, set aside that matching pair. If they shake an egg that doesn’t match, shake your egg again and ask them to try once more.
  4. Keep going until you have matched all of the eggs.

This is a fun game for sensory play and for teaching kids to identify matching sounds.


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