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This toy is excellent for improving balance and coordination.

In order to have you child be able to walk up and down stairs, they need to be able to balance on one foot and this toy is perfect for teaching that skill.

5 Great Ways to Use Step-N-Stones

Here are 5 great ways to use step-n-stones to improve your child’s gross motor skills.

  1. Have the step-n-stones close together so they can cross using alternating feet. To encourage using alternating feet we cut out foot prints and placed them on the step-n-stones. For children that know how to alternate their feet, move the buckets further apart to provide them with a more challenging task.
  2. Push the buckets together again. Now have your children try and cross the step-n-stones backwards, sideways, or on their tippy toes
  3. Use the buckets to improve counting skills and color recognition. Ask your kids to sit on a yellow bucket or stand on the fifth bucket (from the left)
  4. This toy is a great addition to an obstacle course-also featured in the obstacle course is our sensory tunnel, check out the video we made on our tunnel
  5. Pretend play, our kids love pretending that they are crossing a river.

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